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Web resource collection


Getting started w/ CSS & HTML Groundwork knowledge for learning html/css

w3schools Great resource for general web developement help! (CSS, HTML, Java, and more!)

Getting started on the web More groundwork information!

Files Information on how to organize website files on your computer

A zine

How did you learn html/css? - Thread Reddit thread with information on basics! Haven't read all of it yet though :p

By Devs for Devs Info Good site for web references and guides!

David.qa Personal site for web tutorials and information

HTML cheat sheet

CSS basics Pretty lengthy and in depth!

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What will your website look like? General walk-through to plan out your website!

Pixel safari One of, if not my top, favorite destinations for blinkies, gifs, icons and graphics! :3c

Bonnibel's graphic collection Another fav graphics collection!

Custom fonts! haven’t read through this thread yet but looks interesting!

Tiled background collection!

Bettys Graphics (Tiled Backgrounds) Another large collection of more backgrounds! the website has more graphics on it as well :3

Patterncooler Repeating backgrounds! more basic options BUT color customizable!

sadgrl.online Fonts! fewer options than google fonts, but better choices imho

Google fonts Lots of options, but not my favorite collection T__T

Old web themes Collection of resources for computer customization!

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General Resources Collection of basics resources!

Spacehey mega tutorial Ultimate tutorial! Still being updated at time of writing (Sept. 2023)

Spacehey general tools/tutorials a webpost collection of spacehey tools (mostly CSS & layout tutorials)

myspace profile generator might work for spacehey, but I haven’t tried it out yet!

Customize Blog posts! This one's written by me lol. Allows you to customize spacehey blog posts!

intro animations! might work for general web developement, but I have't read through it all

Warning screen before profile I believe it's functional for many people but I couldn't get it to work for me T__T

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Visual Studio Code i LOVE v.s.c., its a (free!) code writing software. check it out!

Photopea Free adobe alternative! Not *technically* a software, as its web-based, but i count it!

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title! words!

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title! words!

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